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Who we are

Sootaga Mois Ltd was founded in 1996. The first winterwheat was planted in 1995 but the
company started working in the spring of 1996. The companys name was Aaberg&ko to
start with. The name was changed in 2000 due to arrangements in ownership.

Our services

Sootaga Mois Ltd grows combine crops on 1070ha (2644 acres) in the Tartu municipality.
We keep 50-70% of the farmland normally under wintercrops. We are interested in buying
and/or renting farmland and forest in the area north of the city of Tartu.

Contact us

+372 510 2591

Sootaga Mõis OÜ, Sootaga, Tartu vald, 60529

Reg: 10406068
VAT EE100259984

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